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Demand for teak

Historically, demand for forestry products has risen hand-in-hand with the earth's growing population and there is nothing to indicate that this trend will be broken. On the contrary, growth in Asia is triggering increased building activity, which in turn is generating increased demand for timber

Timber and wood products represent one of the world's most important trade groups. In 2007, the timber producing countries affiliated to the ITTO* exported approximately 11.7 million m3 logs, at a value of almost USD 1.5 billion.

Increase in forest felling volume compared with increase in population

Befolkningsvolym vs skogsavverkning

Source: Sutton, W.R.J. 1993. "The World's Need for Wood."

*ITTO, (International Tropical Timber Organisation) is an independent organisation promoting the conservation and sustainable management, use and trade of tropical forest resources. Its members represent 80 percent of the world's tropical forests and 90 percent of the global tropical timber trade.

Forwood environmental

Forwood care about biodiversity and the natural jungle flora, therefore, the company today owns about 400 hectares of untouched jungle thereby protected from illegal logging or slash and burn, creating a rich life for all inhabitants of the jungle See the pictures here.
See pictures here.

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